Tout Happiness as the Highest Form of Healthy

At the age of 37 and the mom of the most adorable five-year-old.

I decided to venture out and create a delicious, top 8 major food allergen-free spread to be an alternative to peanut butter, without compromising texture, taste, nutrition, and family values.

As people told me that I could never meet all these requirements, I quoted Walt Disney “It's kind of fun to do the impossible.”

In 2017 we hired two award-winning food engineers and challenged them to break conservative paradigms and create the first mind-blowingly delicious, 100% major food allergen-free spreads and snacks. And if that wasn’t hard enough, it needs to have: perfect mouthfeel, amazing overall organoleptic experience, equal in nutritional values to nut butter, no hydrogenated oils, no artificial sweeteners or added salt, be shelf-stable, no refrigeration needed, made in the U.S.A, organic, sustainable, gluten-free, vegetarian, Kosher and oh, make it fair trade and eco-friendly.

These brilliant creative minds got to work, and two painstaking years later Jubli® was born.

Creators of mouthwatering, nut-free spreads and snacks with a belief that the world is best enjoyed, not just lived.

We’re reimagining the expectations of modern snacking to ensure everyone can enjoy a moment of deliciousness. Our 100% nut-free, indulgent sesame-based spreads and snacks are free of Big-8 allergens, highly nutritious and full of surprising delight.

We’re a true celebration of flavor, for everyone.


The name Jubli comes from the uniqueness of the product. When something is ineffable it is only fitting to invent a word for it.

Just as Shakespeare made up Bedazzled to describe the particular gleam of sunlight, or as J.K. Rowling came up with Muggle for a person who lacks any sort of magical ability.
We invented Jubli to describe the sensation you get when eating our products - To experience something delightfully awesome. And resonates our products mindset - Simple. Clean. Safe. Delicious. That’s it.


Jubli is a synonym:
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, wondrous, remarkable, unusual, extraordinary, admirable, fascinating, awe-inspiring, unexpected, striking, marvelous, amazing, astounding, mind-blowing.


Jubli was built as an expression of our values and as you can see these values are so important to us, we had to incorporate them on our packaging:


“We commit to raising our children with devotion and dignity. We will educate them through example to respect the environment, have a sense of pride in themselves, and treat all people as equal.” R&M wedding vows



At Jubli® we are committed to giving back to our local and wider community. Alongside our community activities, we donate 25% of our profits to charities that support children.