Frequently Asked Questions

Our Butters

Seed Butters are smooth spreads made from seeds. Think of them as an alternative to nut butters.

Our seed butters are a great source of complete protein, vitamins, minerals, and a great alternative to nut butter spreads. They can be used on sandwiches like a PB&J, in smoothies, on crackers or swirled into oatmeal, yogurt, or as an alternative in any recipe that calls for nut butter. We have some great recipes that incorporate our seed butters that can be found on our online blog. Our seed butter pouches are also a great option for grab-and-go snacking that can be put in your gym bag, lunch box, or bring on your hike!

Seed Butter has a 12-month shelf life. You’ll find a Best By date on all of our packaging.

Yes – But separated oil isn’t a sign of expired seed butter. These are natural oils and all you need to do to get a perfectly smooth spread is to mix it all back together.
You could also store Jubli upside down to force the oil to mix back on its own. When the oil ends up at the bottom of the jar, store it right-side-up again. Repeat as the oil rises to the top of the jar.

Oil separation is a natural occurrence when processing nuts or seeds.
In Jubli, Sesame oil naturally rises to the top of the jar and a quick stir will incorporate the oil back into the butter.

Whether our Seed Butters are opened or sealed, they are good until the Best By date. It is better to store all types of seed and not butter in a dry and dark space.
If you live in a humid environment or your pantry gets a lot of sunlight, you might want to store it in the fridge to maintain the quality of the flavor.

Note: Best By dates are not an indication of food safety, only a general guideline for flavor quality.

Yes – The seeds we use for our Seed Butters are roasted.

No – at no point during the processing of the sesame seeds and/or the manufacturing process do we use added salt or sulfites to our products.

We do have recipes on our blog that use Seed Butters, check out our blog here.


Our seeds and all of our ingredients are certified organic.

Our seeds and all of our ingredients are non-GMO.

Yes – with exception to our honey flavor, all of our products are vegan and therefore contain no animal products.

No, none of the ingredients we use are derived from corn.

No, we do not have chickpeas in our facility and they’re not used as an ingredient. But we can’t guarantee that they have not come into contact at one of our ingredient supplier’s facilities because they are not part of our allergen testing. Our suppliers have strict cleaning processes that happen between ingredients to prevent cross contamination, but ultimately, we have to leave it up to you to decide if you’re comfortable with that level of risk.

Unfortunately, we do use palm oil in our products. Why Palm oil? We needed to choose the lesser of two evils. Palm oil is extremely versatile — is the only natural semi-solid oil at room temperature and liquid at body temperature and it’s resistant to oxidation. In order to make a natural spread that is easy to swallow (won’t stick to your mouth or throat) you need an oil that is semi-solid at room temperature and liquid at body temperature, resistant to oxidation, and taste-neutral. For these reasons, most confection, cookies, baked goods, and Nut butter manufacturers use hydrogenated oils. That being said, some spread companies such as Jubli chose to stay away from hydrogenated oils and go with the only plant-based natural alternative. At Jubli we only use RSPO Certified Sustainably grown palm oil and we are always looking for new innovative products to replace palm oil.

Most of our seeds come from organic, small holder farmers in Ethiopia and India. We have a very close relationship with our seed supplier and have worked to increase the transparency of our supply chain all the way back to the farm to ensure quality and ethical farming practices. Most of our seeds are Certified Organic and all are Non-GMO Project Verified, Kosher, and tested for the top 8 food allergens. While we source as many ingredients as possible from local suppliers, our food philosophy prioritizes safety, quality, and volume over geography.

Allergy Info

There are more than 170 food allergies, and no brand makes a product that’s safe for everyone.
Our products contain Sesame and Pea protein and people who are allergic to these or any of our other ingredients should not consume them.

When looking for alternatives to peanuts and tree nuts there are other seeds that we considered (such as sunflower, watermelon…). However, they all taste absolutely terrible. Certain varieties of sesame are absolutely delicious (nutty and buttery) and that’s why unlike other seeds they are used for their flavor in culinary kitchens all over the world (seeds, oil and paste).

Yes — all of our foods are free of the 8 most common food allergens including peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat and soy. Additionally, our facility does not process, corn, mustard or sulfites.

Coconut is not used as an ingredient in any of our products, nor is it an ingredient we process in our facilities.

Shipping & Order Related Questions

Our shipping prices vary for the amount spent on your cart and the shipping charges are calculated after discounts. We offer $2 shipping for orders $10 and under and $6 shipping for orders between $10 and $49. We also offer free shipping for all orders $50 and over.

Unfortunately, shipping outside of the US is very costly, so we do not offer international shipping at this time.

Unfortunately, we do not ship to Canada directly from our website yet, but You can order from our Amazon store.

You cannot edit orders after they’ve been placed, but please contact us through our website, if you need to cancel the order or request a refund.

If you need to cancel an order you placed, please contact us by emailing us at immediately, and we will do our best to stop the package from going out.

Unfortunately, we are not able to add discount codes to an order after they’re placed but please use the discount code on your next order.

Due to our strict allergen policy, we do not accept returns.

We send the tracking information to the email associated with the order once it’s packed up. If there are issues with the delivery of your package, we recommend reaching out to the shipping carrier or local post office directly.


Subscribing allows you to get your favorite snacks shipped to you every month, or every other month, automatically. When choosing your snacks for your subscription order, just make sure you click on the “Subscribe and Save” option on the page and choose if you would like the order to come every month or every 2 months. The product you want will then be processed on the same day every month or every 2 months. By signing up with our subscription service, you save 10% on every subscription order. Once you are a part of the subscription service, you can always go back and change the quantity on your order and add or remove snacks that you’d want in your subscription box.

We offer free shipping on all orders that are $50 or more.

We do not allow discount codes to be used with subscription products because our subscription products already have a 10% discount built in.


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Our discount codes do not work on subscription products because our subscription products already have a 10% discount built in. We also only allow one discount code to be used per order. Some discount codes are time-restricted and therefore might be expired. If neither of these appear to be the issue you are experiencing, please contact us so we can help you.